What Blood Sugar can do for you ?

Blood Sugar is a simple iPhone App, with ease of use in mind to help you keep track of your blood glucose. It had a simple user interface for easy entry and a nicely formatted report view to show your blood glucose level on a weekly basis. 

Additionally, you could purchase the added feature to send your blood glucose thru email with extra information (refer to InApp Purchase section for details screen shot) to doctor or family member.



With a few clicks you can enter your blood glucose reading with additional Remark section to write down what you have ate or information.

The view had been designed to present vital information; Meal name, date & time, glucose value before meal and glucose value after meal.


With a simple gesture you can also review and edit your previous entered entry.



The report give you a summary view of your blood glucose Low/High/Average before and after meal, on the specific date range and by meal.

You could also drill down the individual record from meal, date and locate what you have enter in the remark.

The drill down also highlight the Lowest blood glucose in green and Highest in red, for your easy reading.



We know there is no one size fit all, so the App provided some simple customization to fit your needs.

You can choose when the report start day in the Report view. The blood glucose measurement unit and even change the default meal name.