Blood Sugar

Simple. Entry. Report.


Blood Sugar can help you track your glucose numbers on the go! 

*Log Blood Glucose
*Log Time & Date
*Log Notes
*Detailed report on High's and Low's and averages
*Categorized by different meals of the day
*All data defaults to current time and date for your convenience

*Allow to enter past entry if you forgotten to do so previously

*Allow to edit/delete current entry
*Allow switch of measurement unit between mmol/l and mg/dl
*Reports can be generated from any start day of the week as user defined
*Reports can easily filter weekly High's and Low's with averages
*Reports can show accumulated values for weeks

*Reports can show the High's and Low's for individual meal across different day


in-App purchase:

Email Report

This added feature allows detailed report of glucose level to be email out for easy tracking and printing. Reporting includes highs, lows, averages, and remarks of the meals that stand out.


Entry Reminder

A reminder to notify you to enter the after meal glucose value, after the entry is saved. The reminder alert delay can be adjust with interval of 15 minutes under Setting.
*This feature need notification function enabled.


With just a few simple touches you can easily enter your sugar level wherever you are. You can choose the meal of the day via simple scrolling and save your glucose numbers with just a few taps of your finger.


It is easy to comprehend showing High's, Low's, and Averages at a glance. Detailed report is also available to drill down on specifics including your comments and highlighted value of weekly High's and Low's.

Note: Special thanks to Hoi Tik Wong to provided the App icon and Glyphish supplied the Entry & Report icons.